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gOS 2.0.0-beta1
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gOS, AKA "Good OS" is the Linux based OS that Wal-Mart was shipping on some low priced Everex "G" PCs. I would have tried 1.x, however this was the only version available for download from their site. This is a "beta" version and I ran in to a number of bugs in this version, so the "final" release could be a little different.

It's nice to see Linux finally getting pre-installed on some mainstream PCs, even if it is in small quantities.

gOS Desktop
gOS is based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution, but uses the Enlightenment desktop rather than Gnome.

The default desktop consists of:

  • Desktop icons
    •  About - a shortcut to their web site
    •  Hard drive - That appears to use the manufacturer name of your hard drive as the icon name.
    •  My gOS - Similar to "My Computer"
    •  Trash - Well, it's trash.
  • Shelf
    •  "gOS" menu - A drop down menu that contains the icons for the installed applications.
    •   Desktops - Typical Unix style multiple desktop selection.
    •   Volume control.
    •   Network status indicator.
    •   Clock
  • A floating Google search bar.
  • iBar - similar to the MacOS X dock.

gOS G Apps
The floating Google bar on the desktop opens Firefox to a Google search on whatever is entered.

The gOS "applications" prominently displayed are actually web sites including:

  • GMail
  • GTalk
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs and Spreadsheets
  • Google Reader
  • Google Maps
  • Google News
  • Google Finance
  • Google Product Search
  • Youtube (owned by Google)
  • Blogger (also owned by Google)
Ah, gOS... what does the "g" stand for again?

gOS file manager
The Enlightenment file browser is very pretty. It has a minimal appearance, graphics display thumbnails for icons, and icons animate as you create them. .

But I couldn't drag and drop to the trash, there is no right-click copy/paste menu for icons directly on the desktop, and dragging and dropping between folders is only possible doing one file at a time. The file manager also appears to only have an "icon" view, so there is no way to view lists or file details.

Also notably lacking seems to be any way to browse Windows file shares on the network, even though Ubuntu can do that.