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Fedora 13
with Gnome 2.30
screen shots

Well, it's been a while, so let's take a quick look at Fedora 13. Fedora seems to include more software and options for enterprise type systems and is largely developed in conjunction with Red Hat. This version of Fedora uses the same Gnome version 2.30 desktop as Ubuntu 10.04, so the desktop user interface differences between the two are minimal.

Fedora 13
By default, the Fedora 13 desktop places a "Computer", Home, and Trash icon on the desktop (unlike Ubuntu) that open the file browser to the respective locations. Another trash icon is located on the lower panel. There is no "show desktop" icon on the lower panel, but that is a panel option that can be added.

Also, the clock defaults to that weird 24 hour time.

Fedora 13 File Managment
Previously the file manager had a more clean look with all of the extras turned off. Now the file manager defaults to a "file browser" mode with toolbars and Places displayed in each window. Files can be stored on the desktop, and any removable media appears on the desktop as well as in the "my computer" folder.

Apparently, this version of Fedora does not recognize floppy drives. There is no floppy drive icon in the places list and doesn't even seem to recognize the device.

Menus, if present, exists on each window. The file drag-and-drop actions and file browsing seem typical of any modern GUI desktop file manager.

Off hand, I'm not sure what purpose the "VG" icon in the Computer folder is supposed to serve. It has something to do with the advanced Logical Volume Management feature.

Fedora 13 Control Panel
Control panel configuration applets are accessible from both the System menu and a "Control Center" found in the menu under the user switch applet.

Fedora 13 Firewall
Fedora 13 has a built in firewall that you must use to enable Samba client communications before you can connect to Windows network shares. It doesn't tell you that.

Fedora 13 Colors
Looking at the Appearances, it seems it IS possible to change the color of the title bars, but I can't select the color individually. Instead I must select from a few "control" themes that also change the appearance of the standard widgets! (I want my green titlebars!)

Fedora 13 Backup
Fedora 13 also includes a backup utility called "Deja dupe". Somebody is probably going to be getting a call from Steve Jobs, although this is nothing like Apple's backup program. The most folder integration I see with this product is a backup/restore option in the right-click file menu.