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Location: GUIs > Windows > Chicago Build 73 - 1993

The "System" control panel, and the "Desktop" control panel.

The Desktop Properties does not yet include the tab for the color appearances. Also note the diamond radio buttons.

The Drive Properties control panel and an early device manager.

Chicago, and therefore Windows 95, despite what some people believe, was built on top of Windows 3.1. Here it really shows through. This is the same networking subsystem from Windows 3.11 for work groups. It even uses the same network drivers. For a comparison see this windows 3.11 screen shot

The TCP/IP support seems to be incomplete as it does not have DHCP or working DNS support and winsock seems to be  broken or incomplete. It is enough to access remote file shares though.

Chicago includes its own version of MS-DOS that it runs on top of. It tries to hide the fact it is DOS by combining and renaming the "MSDOS.SYS" and "IO.SYS" files to "WINBOOT.SYS".

Here is another interesting feature that got dumped. Here is an application called "WinPad" that appears to be a personal scheduler. From what I can tell this was supposed to be used in portable devices but was too bloated for the time.

Instead of "WordPad" chicago has "WritePad" which appears to be an early version of WordPad.

Pressing ctrl-alt-delete produces this message. Is that you clippy?

Most modern 32 bit apps won't run, but some 16 bit ones will. Note that since Winsock doesn't work this will only browse local files.

Shutting down is a little different. There is no reboot or restart option here. When it shuts down it actually exits to DOS but displays a graphical shutdown screen over it.

One more thing... I found this graphic in a file called SYSLOGO.RLE. An earlier boot screen I guess. Interesting and weird.