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fractial screensaver
Screen savers were also included with NewDeal Office 3.2a, but Breadbox Ensemble appears to include a few additional ones.

Breadbox Ensemble bundles some small fun games. The games it includes are:

  • Amateur Night
  • Black Jack
  • Crossword
  • Hearts
  • MineSweeper
  • Poker
  • Pyramid (another card game)
  • Sokoban (a 2-d maze game)
  • Solitaire
  • Taipei Mahjongg
  • Uki (a Reversi clone)
Amateur Night
Amateur Night is a weird clone of the classic Missile Command. Instead of defending cities from missiles, you are defending bad comics from rotten vegetables!

From the help file:

"You are the Master of Ceremonies at Chuck's Chuckle House -- famous in these parts for its rough and raunchy audiences. Tonight is Amateur night at Chuck's and the regulars know it; they will be right on time, arms loaded with some locally grown rotten vegetables.

But you are not worried. You've installed two VeggieBlaster XT-2000TM anti-vegetable pellet launchers on either side of the stage, which you load up before each act with as many pellets as you can. To counter attacks from the audience, you pick off incoming vegetables before they pick off your comics. Easy enough for the first couple of acts, but wait until the crowd gets really worked up!

Good luck, and, uh, break a leg."

Breadbox Ensemble also includes the GeoManager shell as an alternative to the regular desktop.

Ensemble high-res
This screen shot shows off Ensemble in high res (1024x768) with the theme support and gradient title bars.

The preferences still have intermediate and advanced user modes.

Breadbox viewing slashdot
And of course, the obligatory screenshot of Slashdot!

The WebMagick 3.0 web browser has significantly improved rendering ability over NDO Skipper. It is still incredibly responsive, light weight, and fast!

Breadbox Ensemble also included Kid Guard, a web-filtering applet for Webmagic.

internet applications
Other related applications include a graphical FTP program and GeoZip, a Zip file uncompressor.

HTML editor
Breadbox Ensemble even includes an HTML editor, WebBox. It has many features although it is non-WYSIWYG.

exiting Breadbox Ensemble.
Finally, exiting Breadbox Ensemble.