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Apple II Desktop 1.2 Alpha

Apple II Desktop 1.2 Alpha, found here: is an enthusiast enhanced version of the Apple II Desktop. Much like the ProDOS 2.4.2 update, some dedicated individuals have bug fixed and further enhanced the Apple II Desktop.

As I understand it, this was all written in 6502 assembler, with no source available, so modifying it is not exactly easy.

As far as GUIs go, it is visually the same as Apple II Desktop 1.1. But it fixes a lot of bugs, such as an issue exiting back to ProDOS, and changing the default behavior of dragging and dropping on the same volume from "copy" to "move" in order to better match MacOS/Windows.

Most prominently, it adds some new accessories. It also enhances the file preview with support for several other formats besides text.

There is now a control panel that lets you adjust the background, cursor blink rate, joystick calibration, and double click speed.

Note: You have to click on the preview to make the new pattern take effect.

On a color screen, certain patterns have the side effect of making it look like you have a color background.

Of course everyone needs fancy system beep sounds, so Apple II Desktop delivers with a selection of different beep effects.

It also includes an optional enhanced scientific calculator.

It includes a system information tool that tells you about your hardware.

But most notably it includes several screen savers! This one resembles the famous AfterDark "Flying Toasters" screen saver. However, as an accessory, it does not launch automatically and it appears to have no configuration options.

Mousedesk/Apple II Desktop was already difficult to fit on a 140k disk. You could either have the desktop and (older, smaller) ProDOS system file, or the desktop and the accessories requiring booting from another disk. It really needs a hard disk or 3.5" disk. Of course, it is just silly that Apple never supported double sided 40-track 5.25" disks.

Exiting Apple II Desktop to ProDOS. Unlike 1.1, this actually works without crashing. ProDOS 2.4.2 has an enhanced miniature selection menu that lets you start another ProDOS application.