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My Make-Your-Own Firefox bumper sticker How-To:
Firefox Bumpersticker

Firefox - Rediscover the web
No border version
Firefox - Take back the web
No border version

Show the world your browser preference by placing one of these colorful easy to make stickers on the behind of your car! The next time someone tailgates you, at least some good can come out of it as they will get a good close up view of which browser you think is best.

The goal of these bumper stickers is to raise the general awareness and comfort level of the Firefox brand with the general public.

WARNING: Driving through Redmond, Washington with one of these stickers may be hazardous to your car!

These graphics I compiled use a high-res Firefox logo from the web and the official FF MetaBold fonts. These are high resolution enough you can not see pixilation.
Things you need:
  • One of the graphics from above or templates (MS Word) to print.
  • A good color laser printer or inkjet printer.
  • Bumper sticker paper. They usually have this at Office Depot with the specialty paper or specialty stickers.
  • Clear contact paper. (AKA self adhesive vinyl decorative covering)
  • Scissors or a paper cutter.
  • A car with a bumper.

Bumper Sticker Paper

First, grab one of the large PNG graphics and fit it in a drawing or document program to print on the upper and/or lower portion of a landscape page.

Alternatively grab one of the MS-Word templates I created. They are simple enough they should work in other word processors too.

I prefer the no-border graphics. I think this makes the text look larger and more readable. I also believe the "Rediscover the web" version is more appealing to the average person traveling on the road.

When printing:

The Office Depot bumper stickers are water proof, but your ink / toner probably isn't. I recommend adding a layer of clear contact paper to protect it. Now you should be ready to apply the bumper sticker to your bumper. You should now have a nice colorful Firefox bumper sticker that people can stare at while you all sit in rush hour traffic.

I have had mine on my car for quite a while now and it still looks very colorful and sharp with no noticeable fading despite being parked outside in the sun and rain.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions on other ways to do this, please let me know!

Also, here are a few graphics advertising Mozilla (TM) Technology!
Mozilla Suite
Mozilla.org Technology
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