Sites that make Firefox sad.

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The following is a list of sites that actively block browsers other than Internet Explorer or have some serious problem that prevents the site from being usable in Firefox.

Come on people! Its not the nineteen hundreds anymore! Get with this century! There is no excuse for these kinds of sites!

Click on the links to these sites in Firefox, Opera, Safari, or any other non-IE browser and they will appear in the frame to the right. On the slim chance the sites properly monitor their browser usage perhaps they may realize they need to fix their pages to accommodate their viewers.

Please note: I only occasionally update this page so some sites may have been fixed or disappeared since I last updated this list. I have no idea what some of these pages are, they are not sites I personally visit. I found most of these from the Mozilla Reporter, in bugzilla, or by searching Google for stupid stuff like "We only support Internet Explorer".

This is by no means a complete list, there are far too many sites that only work properly in IE for one dumb reason or another. And many of the worst offending pages are buried deep inside sites, inside password protected areas, or on intranets.

Here is a sample of what Firefox is up against: A Glimpse in to an "enterprise" Intranet

Web designers or people purchasing web based products, especially for businesses,  have to be really rock stupid or insane to discriminate against popular browsers such as Firefox, Opera, or Safari. As of this writing it is not uncommon, depending on type of site, to have 5%-25% of visitors use something besides IE. Turning away even one percent (that is one out of every one hundred!) of your customers just because of the type of browser they have chosen is a very bad thing to do. Try turning away one percent of your customers at a real brick and mortar business for whatever reason and see what happens!

Additionally, due to the Homeland Security CERT advisory recommending the use of other web browsers, Internet sites that require IE could be interpreted as supporting terrorism!

Despite all of that, if you choose to send e-mail to the web masters please do not flame them, send something constructive like the Mozilla Site Evangelism Letters

Actively block Firefox: IE 4 or "greater" Need I mention again that Firefox is infinitely greater? Site wants IE and popups to bring back the browsing experience of the 90s! "This application requires IE" Originating site for these apps here. Hey, weren't these they guys who had that bridge collapse and kill a bunch of people? This site finally lets you browse their content with Firefox, but the movie "rentals" still requires IE and Windows as their error page explains. As if anyone would want Digital Restrictions Management encumbered videos anyway. Specifically designed for IE because they must love bill... Same thing I guess. Well, it does say they are hostile.... Must use IE and Winders.. "Unsupported browser detected!" Look out, we think your brand new browser is crap! (Oddly it lets you in if it detects you are using a Mac) Site requires IE... yada yada, at least they say IE is downloadable for "no charge" rather than "free". My opinion is a brain-dead badger could make a compatible web site. Enough with the requiring IE already! Doesn't anybody know how to design a site right? Hopefully it just the relatively few bad seeds you see here. Netscape NO! (Those yahoos require IE and Winders!) (another retarded app that is MSIE only!! On order to use this application you only have to upgrade to an ancient, obsolete browser that is light-years behind what you are currently using! ("You are using Netscape." Yes, I am... " Click Here To Download IE..." No, I won't). ("Browser Error"? Internet Explorer is the error...)
More microsoft requirey goodness "You can download the latest Internet Explorer for free" (If you have purchased an overpriced version of Windows and activated it with Microsoft) "Browser Upgrade Required"??, they mean "downgrade"!!!! On-line games will only work with IE, courtesy of our good friend Bill Gates ("Your browser version is not supported." *Sigh*) "To use you must be using MSIE 5.0 or better" Well, then I must be in good shape because Firefox is much, much, much, much, much (repeat to infinity) better.  (Freescan requires you to use IE with Active X, which is probably how you got the virus in the first place!!!!) "Sorry, but your browser is in the 10% category The category with name: Unsupported" So 10 percent of over a billion is some tiny number that can be ignored!???? Ohhhh. I'm excluded from viewing this site... there must be something wrong with me. Wants you to install IE to use their products (look in the upper right). As always they expect you to use IE.... sigh. For "full compatibility" (with poorly written crap) use IE... People.... Lessons only work in IE. Some lesson! Only "Supports" IE 5.5 and above.  ("Netscape is not supported. Macs running IE are also not supported." Chocolate Pudding is not supported... Oversized hair dews are also not supported... ) (Allows Firefox but blocks Seamonkey) Works with FF now, but warns with Moz/Seamonkey and then they only recommend IE and Netscape. At least they let you continue anyway. eDecs has been optimized by a bunch of brain dead chimpanzees to with with MSIE... hail Bill. Demands that you use IE or Netscape and even say you have to use certain OSes. What do they care if I am running, say, OS/2 as long as the browser works? MLS has sent one CD with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 to each MLS office complete with borg implants...,0,5,,1,7,18051/Wind-Dancer.htm "You must use Internet Explorer Version 6 or higher on a PC running Windows 2000 or later to use this service" - You must bang your head against a wall very hard. Says it works with NS 7 or IE 5+, but blocks Firefox. Oh, and "The Macintosh Platform can not support our site." that eSucks. Uses obsolete ActiveX junk. And Google is somehow involved with this?!? Says it wants IE or greater. What is so great about IE to start with? Ancient unupdated web app, yet another "we do not support your browser". Wants IE. Click on "Internet Banking Plus" says internet banking requires IE on Win2k/XP with ActiveX turned on - I can understand that for Digital Restriction Management infested videos but internet banking? What do they need that for? (I would call that Internet Banking Minus!) - Another site that is only compatible with IE. IDs browser and says "You are not currently supported" "You are using Netscape" (Uh, no I'm not) This application needs Internet Explorer 5.5+. Your web developer needs a brain. Another online virus scanner that wants to use IE (how do you think you got it in the first place!?) Clicking on the "Software Auto Update" button reports: "Creative Software AutoUpdate currently supports Windows® 98 or higher with Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher." Says it doesn't even work in Vista! Obviously this kind of software auto update is stupid and doesn't work, so why even keep it around?!?! Says it is designed for IE. Requires specifically IE 6 SP2 (What do you mean I require a lobotomy to use your site?) "This scanner requires a browser such as Internet Explorer which is capable of rendering ActiveX objects." Render them what? More obsolete than they already are? "But you will need Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 on the following systems in order to enjoy All-Access:" I most certainly would not "enjoy" this with IE shoved up my ass.. Wants Firefox to download some ActiveX plug in to they can infest your machine with Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) crap. Site refuses to work on Mac or Linux of course. On right after clicking login: "This browser is not supported." - People first my ass. "Only Internet Explorer is allowed for Plexus online" If only breathing were only allowed for people with common sense... - "Playback requires Internet Explorer" WARNING! THIS LINK MAY CRASH FIREFOX! I would expect more from Oracle, except I know their most favorite word is "desupport". This is a Vista readiness test. It test that you are a loyal Microsoft ass kisser by making sure you are running IE. If you are not a loyal Microsoft ass kisser, this training material might help - it is only accessible in IE. The real guilty party for the above web site.   Another leftover from the 1900s that requires IE.{8e517c89-7a6d-c98a-e001-9f3a96339c04}&RP=CR Seems to work in Firefox but barfs if it detects you are using anything other than Windows 98, 2000, or XP (such as Firefox on Mac or Linux). "For this functionality please use Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 and higher" - Forget it pal. Java powered but doesn't work in Firefox?  Says it wants IE. - Displays garbage in Firefox and elsewhere says it requires IE - which is also garbage. - This wonderful piece of trash site has illegal backslashes in the file names and otherwise says it requires IE. "Windows XP Game Advisor requires the use of the Windows 98/ME/2000/XP operating system and the Internet Explorer 6 browser." Hmmmm.... I wonder why? Requires IE, of course. What did you expect from Big Brother Bill? More fun from our good friend Bill. Incidentally, this "Office Live" shit is mostly ActiveX, so it isn't a real web app, it is just another fancy Win32 app. Yet another Office 2007 test drive thing (Win32/ActiveX) More IE lovage. "Your browser environment is not fully supported. Do you want to continue anyway?" Your pants are not fully supported. Go ahead and continue and see what happens. "Internet Explorer is required to access this website." - and your hard drive. I believe the word is "baka". - Unable to load the ActiveX control. Well, where I am from that is a GOOD thing. Now this just disgusts me, some medical thing and they require IE. "This site is designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer/Netscape" and was designed in 1996 by a herd of rabid apes. Lojack for laptop require flop because we have flapjacks for brains. Requires IE *AND* for added insult uses obsolete popups so it tells you to turn of *ALL* popup blocking. Sites like that - even ones that work in Firefox - need to die. You NEVER want to tell a user to do that! If you must then instruct them how to enable popups for just the specific site, but enabling popups just about makes the web unusable these days.  Wrong mime types again! Why is this so freaking hard for people to get right?! And why does MS insist on interpreting them WRONG and displaying files clearly marked as "text" as "html"! "This site is optimized for Internet Explorer" Oh, and that means what exactly? Artificial web page substitute? Browser, IE, yada yada. Walmart really doesn't like Firefox does it? Map tool only works under IE 6 - if you don't like it, call 1-800-EAT-SHIT. (note: sends Firefox users to a missing page) This page requires the Microsoft Office Web Components. This page also requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher. Oh, and this page requires someones nuts to be kicked. (LOG IN REQUIRED!) The "Watch Now" feature only works in IE. it's DRMed garbage anyway. Supported configurations include Microsoft Windows running Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 while bending over. "This site requires an Internet Explorer browser that supports JavaScript and cookies." Cookies sound good, but that Internet Explorer part doesn't. Oh zark, I think I'm going to puke. Sim Shitty classic requires IE. Ironic thing is Simcity 2000 had native ports to DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/NT, MacOS, IBM OS/2, Amiga and more. Click something and select "submit" and you get "This course is not compatible with Firefox. Please use a supported browser. We recommend Internet Explorer 6.0" Hey jerks, Firefox is plenty supported. YOU are not supported. "The site requires Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, or 2003. Browsers supported include Internet Explorer 5.01 or later and AOL 6.0 or later. All speaking products require Internet Explorer 6.0." Be sure to say "Firefox rules you freaking pigs!" "This web site requires the use of Internet Explorer ONLY" Only mindless butt-eating zombies allowed. "We're sorry but you must be using Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer version 5 or above in order to view our site properly." If you are so sorry, then why don't you FIX it? Recognizes Firefox, but block SeaMonkey. Works in Firefox but blocks SeaMonkey. It looks like they block more than vision. Popup warns that this site requires IE and ancient Active X. "Please click here to install Microsoft's Internet Explorer." Ummm, yea... that's really going to work for all those Apple and Linux users out there. And basically everyone with Windows already has IE installed regardless if they want it or not. "Warning: our system does not currently support downloads for your browser/operating system." And these idiots wonder why everyone just downloads from bittorent sites instead. "We are sorry, Find my Service Tag only works with Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. Currently this is not supported by Mozilla Firefox or Netscape." Really, what if you are using a Mac... Oh, wait. "Your browser isn't supported! Please use Internet Explorer 6.0 or later" Wrong. Your site is not supported. Get off the web. "This product does not support the web browser you are using. To log in you must use one of the supported browsers. For a list of supported browsers, click the system and browser requirements link below." Reportedly requires IE. More info here: Reportedly after logging in the page has the wrong mime type and tries to "download" the page instead of view it. "Only Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher for Microsoft Windows is supported at this time." Only incompetence is supported at this time. More crappy powerpoint. "The MapOptix 5.2 Mapping Interface can only be viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Please look for cross-browser support in future versions". (These maps are launched from inside the web app here: ) Complains about wanting MSXML and presumably won't work in Firefox. Does this even work in IE? Apparently requires a proprietary plugin that does not work on Firefox 3. "This site is designed to be used with Internet Explorer. Use of other browsers may cause a loss of some functionality." This site is also designed to cause loss of some hair. (Recognizes Mozilla Suite and Netscape 7.x, but not Firefox or Seamonkey) If they are not hiring a new web site developer, they should.

Inaccessible in Firefox: (junk in HTML) (blank) Displays nothing in FF or Moz. Map does not work in FF (needs "specific javascript functionality") Linked pages have wrong mime type. Not to mention the huge BMP file in the middle of the page! Gives some odd error when accessed with Firefox. complains about wanting IE 4 or later. Links on page don't work - In Firefox says there is an unidentified scripting error and the page does not load. I duno, but it loads in Opera. Hideously messed up in Firefox. (Warning: May slow Firefox to a crawl) And as a bonus, their entry page is all flash. Site is jumbled in Firefox.

Page problems with Firefox:
Note: some of these sites may look right at first but have non-functional drop down menus that render the site partially or completely unnavigatable in Mozilla or some other feature that is IE only. All it takes is one page that doesn't work right in anything but IE to make a person switch back to IE. It is almost too bad Mozilla folks won't stoup down to the same level. (agency services menu borked up in Firefox and opens behind flash) down menus don't work) (menus don't work) (menus don't work) (menu doesn't work) (menus) (menu) (backslashes in urls) (junk on top of page) (spanish. crappy site, says it wants IE) (says it has active x, don't see where it does) Page says Firefox does not appear to meet the minimum requirements, but seems to work. Menus are messed up Image overlap text. (Works with Firefox finally but gives other non-IE browsers a crippled "plain text only" mail composer page -their new "Beta" also excludes certain OSes for no explained reason, even though Firefox runs fine on them)

If you want to find out what some of these sites really mean when they say they don't "support" your browser you may want to visit my translation of these stupid web pages.

Also for a more up to date database of sites that neglect Mozilla see the Mozilla Reporter.

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