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In case you can't tell, I am mad at Bill
Note: The colors of this page are intentionally hard to read in order to prevent accidental reading of material some might find offensive or just plain stupid. Do not read this page if you really value your sanity.

AI, AI, AI, and more AI! AI, AI, AI, glorious AI! Everything must be AI because AI! Oh, I!.

In an attempt to throw overhyped bullshit "AI" at a canvas and see what sticks, Microsoft is forcing a so-called "AI" tool called Recall on every Windows 11 computer. It literally records screen shots of everything you do on your computer and analyzes them.

This is somehow supposed to be not creepy?

What the hell is this supposed to do anyway? Apparently it works with Microsoft's Copilot search and allegedly acts as a "personal historian" for everything you do on your computer. So, you might ask it "find that video where the cat knocks over the shelf", or "which spread sheet did I view last week that had the customer accounts?", or "which web site waz it that had the nasty tattooed slut?".

I guess idiots will love it. So will others,

Law enforcement query: "Did anyone research or communicate information about abortion on this computer within the last month? Just a reminder, abortion is illegal in this state because some imaginary god demands control over every vagina".

You: "Where were those rants I read about Microsoft Recall?"
Microsoft Recall: "Based on your usage, we are please to offer you a 10% discount on a Microsoft Office 360 subscription."

Nope, not creepy at all. Will never be abused. Because Microsoft promised.

I have seen lots of mega-bloated, buggy, poorly written, obnoxious  software over the years and Microsoft Teams is right up there with them. I've been forced to use that piece of crap lately.

Nevermind that instant messaging does not fit in my workflow. I need to focus on complex problems for a long period of time. I can't be interrupted every few seconds and expected to respond constantly. Learn to use e-mail, people. Unlike everyone else, I actually read my e-mail and respond. I'll check my e-mail when I am at a stopping point. If you happen to put enough information in your e-mail, I will only have to respond once with no time wasting back-and forth. The ability to communicate has been totally destroyed by Twitter and Texting.

On my older computer it takes sometimes five minutes to start up, and brings everything else to a crawl. Just typing something in to a text box massively lags. Even left sitting doing nothing it will continuously thrash the hard drive for no obvious reason.

For what? A simple little chat program with video conferencing software? Much of which runs server side (I mean on teh cloud) anyway.

Then they pushed out a "new version", only it does not just replace the old version. Both versions stay installed while it randomly ping-pongs me back and forth between the two. It constantly resets my settings - NO I DO NOT WANT MICROSOFT TEAMS TO AUTOMATICALLY START! NO I DO NOT WANT MICROSOFT TEAMS TO STAY RUNNING WHEN I CLOSE THE WINDOW!

At the worst damn times it stops and displays intrusive pop-overs about various features that I don't care about. All with the usual evil dark-pattern dialog boxes "Yes, rape me now" "Yes, rape me later", you may not say "no", you may not close the dialog, you may not continue until you accept Microsoft Rape.

Even as little as I use it, I have encountered an instance where the new version is not compatible with the old version. Some bullshit with a meeting link. If they hadn't borked it up so bad, then they would not need two separate versions!

It is so big and bloated, even a nuke from orbit would not destroy the entire thing.

Reportedly, Microsoft is hammering Windows 10 users to "upgrade" to Windows 11 with huge annoying popup advertising. I haven't seen those, because none of my machines will officially run Windows 11. That sort of thing is simply wrong and evil. At most just give users a simple dialog with a yes and a NO button.

Honestly, if it is that big of a deal, then just "upgrade" without asking. Apparently nobody cares any more when someone changes everything around every five minutes.

On a side rant, I'm getting beyond sick and tired of how every stupid little thing is expected to use a cell phone these days. And somehow *I* am a bad, socially unacceptable, un-accommodatable, person for not sucking cell phone shlong.

Microsoft just can't give it a rest can they? It seems that Microsoft is pushing out an update that automatically starts Microsoft Edge when starting Microsoft Windows 11.

This particular machine has been beaten in to submission so it is normally quiet, peaceful, and serene. No distractions, no advertisements, no popup notifications, very little stupid shit in my way so I can get WORK done.

And then I come in and see this infuriating consumertardastic shit:

Apparently, buying dresses and thinking about Donald Trump's tiny orange X-Tweeter is somehow going to help me get my work done more efficiently. Everyone looks more professional when they show up to work in a nice new pretty dress, but then we would have to buy all new purses and shoes to go with them, and, like, orange is, like, totally out of style. :P

Now, it is easy enough for someone like me to disable this shit, but 99.9999% of the people out there are too stupid and/or too afraid to change this.

And what a wonderful dialog box informing me of the change "Get to browsing faster - Microsoft Edge now opens automatically when you sign in to Windows. Got It - Not now." Is there any difference between those buttons? Where is the "FUCK THIS STUPID SHIT YOU FUCKING NAZI RETARDS" button?

Completely and totally unethical. But not quite illegal or enforced. So they will do it. And get away with it.

Oh, and I just glanced at the Windows 10 machine again and it wants me to Turn On Windows Backup so Microsoft can see my porn. Totally unethical, but not quite illegal. "No" is not an option.

I reeeally hate this planet.

After a recent Windows 10 update, I keep getting this abusive little pop-up on a Windows 10 machine::

There is a "No" button, and of course I click "No" But notice the "Remind me again" box. "No" does not mean "No". "No" literally means keep spamming this "reminder" until I sign up for a Microsoft Account and send all of my fucking data to Microsoft. There is no option in the drop down for "Do not show this again". Perhaps there is something under the "Lets Get Started" stuff, but I don't want to touch that!

I used to joke about Microsoft wanting to suck up all of your personal information, back when it was impractical and considered unethical or even illegal. Yet here we are.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Looks like I will be clicking that forever.

I hate this planet.

Also, in the same update, it forcibly "added" their new search box with spammy crap to my task bar. Even though I had gone to the trouble of removing all that old search crap. At least there was a big button on the dialog that read "undo this change".

Except, forcibly adding something and only THEN giving the option to remove is the absolute wrong way to introduce a new feature. You are supposed to ASK permission before doing something. But I'm the only person on the planet that doesn't want this crap.

Well, I finally went and did it. I removed the content of my old Youtube account. I can't support Google any more. Most importantly, it seems that after adding the ability to call a regular land line with a code, that I used to recover my old youtube account, they have taken this ability away. Well, they are very inconsistent, so it is hard to tell for sure, but I'm no longer seeing that option, and when I try to log in on a new machine it insists on sending me a "Text" like a damn teenage girl. So I will probably lose control of the account again. Fuck you google. I don't own a smart phone and I don't want one. A "phone" does not identify me, and it is not OK.

I'll add direct downloads of those videos somewhere on my site.

I've got to hand it to Microsoft, only they could make something as simple as turning on a computer such a big ordeal. Every time I have to turn on a Windows 10/11 computer I have to worry: Will it want to do updates for the next hour instead of letting me get things done? Will it spend all morning sluggishly scanning for viruses? Will it suddenly show me more advertising that I have to hunt down and disable? Will it take away features today that I need to get work done? Will it add unnecessary hoops that I have to jump through to get things done? Will it refuse to boot, making me waste time digging out and restoring a backup? Will it suddenly start BSODing? (happened already) Will it suddenly magically stop recognizing my I/O devices? (also already happened). Will I have to re-learn everything all over again? Will it tell me that I am suddenly "unsupported" and have to run out and buy a new computer for some retarded arbitrary reason that gives me less than zero benefit.

Microsoft. Where do you want to go today? Well, forget it, we have updates for you!

So, apparently Elon Musk has rebranded Twitter(R)(TM) as "X". I hadn't noticed, since I don't even touch social media sites with a webscale-foot pole. No, they did not just make "X" the company that owns Twitter. Completely rebranded it. All logos, trademarks, and such, flushed down the toilet, on top the usual who-owns-it-today FUD. What a great way to kill a company! Thanks Elon!.

For too long there, "A Tweet(R)(TM)" was almost synonymous with "a post on social media". Good to see that go.

The big difference between one of these social media web sites and a regular web site, is that EVERYONE ELSE somehow has to place the social media company's branding on their own web site. Visit some random information site, and every product entry has a "Share this item on Twitter(R)(TM) and Facebook(R)(TM)!", and a big embedded frame with their live Twitter posts. Nothing could ever change or go wrong, right? It's gone even further than that - every day I pass cars and truck, or see items at stores that have gloriously emblazoned themselves with the logos of these social media sites. You couldn't turn on the TV news without someone exclaiming that some bigwig made a "Tweet", rather than just saying they "made an announcement".

Somewhere a marketing exec was jizzing themselves. The only way it could have gotten better for them would have been if a law made it mandatory to use their product. (There are too many products like that these days). I wish I could get everybody on the planet to link to MY web site.

Well, they all have to change their branding now.

That is a lot of work. And no confusion with the "Close Window" button? Or the Unix X11 protocol? I guess we can't say "Twatter" any more, but there are probably some good "X-rated" or "seX" derogatories.

Twitter was a festering pile of crap from day one. But it was a pile of crap that continued to grow and gain mind(less)share.

It was the January 6 United States Capitol attack that showed the world the true folly of social media. Thousands, with their glorious smart phones proudly raised in hand, taking orders from their orange leader over social media - specifically Twitter - strutted in to the capitol, boogaling and boggeling at everything, exactly like Disney's "Minions".

Not that the average twatter understood it, but those with the big money did.

So, I have been forced to use a work Windows 11 laptop. The right-click desktop menus are totally retarded, I ALWAYS have to click  "more options" to show the real menus to find what I want. Total user interface failure.

But at least it worked... well, until a few weeks ago when it did an update and started randomly BSODing with a bullshit "Kernel Security Check Failure”. Uninstalled the update, told it to "pause"and all was well. Until Microsoft, in their infinite glorious ass-fucking wisdom, decided I was no longer allowed to avoid updating. I had kind of hoped that they fixed their shitty code, or automatically identified whatever the problem was, but nope. Back to BSODing.

After some wild guessing, I manually updated the video driver. That seemed to fix the problem. Remember, this machine does not even belong to me, so I shouldn't have to do anything with it.

But no, there was nothing that indicated there was any known compatibility problem. The driver that had been installed was the exact same version that was still posted on the laptop vendor's (ASUS) web site. Had to use the Radeon driver directly from the AMD site instead.

As best as I can tell this last update added kernel integrity checks that broke some drivers. You just don't break drivers like that in a minor update. That is dumb.

That also raises the question of why Windows does not automatically update drivers. There is still an entire malware market out there for tools that automatically "update" drivers. At least in the case of a KNOWN INCOMPATIBILITY, it should damn well do SOMETHING.

Microsoft is officially "retiring" Microsoft Internet Explorer.

What exactly does that mean? Not much really. Everyone knew this was coming the moment they pushed out Microsoft Edge. What this means is that after an "update", users of standard Windows 10 who try to launch the Internet Explorer application via the desktop icons will instead see a dialog that redirects them to Microsoft Edge. This does not affect Windows 11, which already omitted the Internet Explorer application icon.

But make no mistake, it is not completely gone. Its rotting guts will be in there for a long time yet. Edge's Internet Explorer mode, that uses the Internet Explorer rendering engine, will remain available. Other Windows applications that similarly embed Internet Explorer's rendering engine should continue to work for the time being.

Back in the IE 4 days, Microsoft was practically breaking developer's legs if they didn't embed IE in their applications or do something that required it. That legacy shit is everywhere, and if Microsoft just magically broke all compatibility with existing Windows applications, people might accidentally consider switching to an OS besides Windows.

I told everyone embedding IE was a bad idea, but nobody listened to me.

Also, the other day there was a news story that Microsoft apparently wants to prevent people from booting from regular magnetic hard drives, instead requiring  everyone to use SSDs. There was some crap about Microsoft wanting to force OEMs to make systems with only SSDs. That is just beyond stupid.  If having SSDs over magnetic hard drives was so much better that everyone was willing to PAY the extra money for them, then they would. No need for Microsoft to make more fake minimum requirements.

So all those suckers who forgave microsoft after giving them a way to install Windows 11 on a computer more than a couple years old are now getting a nice watermark on their desktop saying that "minimum requirements are not met".

And there is still no good reason for this arbitrary cutoff of anything more than a couple years old. Yea, you are just supposed to be a good little consumertard and throw away perfectly good, perfectly usable, hardware just because Microsoft wants you to.

What is it they "require" anyway? Right! They require the latest and greatest and most splintery Microsoft rape-o-tron implanted in your butt.

Supposedly Microsoft is planning to put advertising in the Windows 11 file manager. Because apparently you can't have enough advertising. [Head explodes].

"What feature will this update remove today?"
Today Microsoft wants to make it impossible for you to set up Windows without signing up for their "Microsoft account". They already took that out of the Home edition, but it was still in the Professional edition.

I can't even begin to describe how mind boggling stupid using a remote account controlled by a third party to log in to your local computer is. You are literally making them the gatekeeper of everything on your computer. But apparently consumertards love this.

I have a Windows 10 test box here, and log in using a local account. Microsoft could drop off of the face of the planet (and I wish they would) and nothing would change. It gets used as a kiosk and is not always connected to a network. They want to take this ability away.

I don't use any of their ass-raping "apps" that require any their online services. Just proper desktop applications.

Yes, Apple has been doing that for a while now. But Apple has been all about locked down architecture since the 1984 Macintosh.

Apple already requires their users to have their testicles removed. Do you want Microsoft to require this too?

So these "Windows 11" hardware requirements are getting more and more vague. It used to be that when an OS needed newer hardware, the need was fairly clear cut. Like when software started requiring a 386 rather than an 8088 or 286 - the ability to handle larger data structures and memory protection to keep applications from clobbering each other was a huge deal. At least if you were running Unix or OS/2 2.x.

So what are these TPM requirements for? What is Microsoft using it for? Nobody seems to know, and Microsoft seems to be very secretive about it.

So Microsoft is screwing up their turd cake called Windows 11 in all kinds of uncreative ways. Today they are bringing back some more of their 1990's anti-compeditive behavior by making it harder to select a default browser other than Microsoft Edgey.

So, I haven't even touched Microsoft Edge since it came out, but unsurprisingly it is now generating advertisements: http://www.charlespetzold.com/blog/2021/08/Screw-You-Microsoft-Edge.html . Obviously - well obvious to anyone who isn't a consumertard - this also means it is tracking you and your purchases. And no, if I understand this correctly, these ads are not being generated by the web page. It is Over The Edge itself generating these ads. You know, browsers with built in advertising have been tried before. Remember the Opera web browser? No? Exactly.

Microsoft officially announced that Windows "11" is going to be a real thing. (After an "unintentional" leak) They also say they are going to drop support for all kinds of stuff, so you will have to buy all new stuff even though there is nothing at all wrong with what you have. Of course, consumertards will LOVE that. Or at least, they would if they weren't so busy having sex with their cell phones.

Among other things, they are dropping the 32-bit version. Since Windows 8, they had somehow managed to push the 32-bit version to the background. When Windows 7 was introduced, new machines almost exclusively used 32-bit. After a few years, high-end workstations got Windows 7 64-bit. By the time of Windows 8, new stuff was mostly 64-bit. When the Windows 10 update was forced out, Windows 7 32-bit users automatically got the 32-bit Windows 10. So there WERE many 32-bit Windows 10 users out there, but many probably just didn't know it.

It is extra mind blowing because of the difference in device drivers. Companies had to develop entirely different 64-bit x64 drivers for 64-bit Windows. In the past, vendors had snubbed other CPU platforms, such as DEC Alpha (which was also a 64-bit architecture) and Itanium. And in the real world, backwards compatibility with hardware devices for which vendors would not update, was of critical importance.

I would have expected users to complain left and right when some hardware turned out to be incompatible. But somehow this didn't really happen. I guess that was about the time of the rise of the iPhone and rampant consumertardism.

Microsoft has announced that they will officially "retire" Microsoft Internet explorer. From what I have read, it will not exactly be completely gone, but users will no longer have the separate "e" icon or the IE user interface.

Basically it sound like what they are doing is removing the icon and the "iexplore.exe" loader stub, and making the MSHTML.DLL rendering engine embedded in Microsoft Edge for "Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode". Other components such as the WININET.DLL networking library will also remain, so that programs that stupidly used them will still operate.

Because of how Microsoft tried to make IE an "Integrated operating system component", it is still too mixed in there to completely remove, but users will no longer see the IE application user interface.

That is still a big step in the right direction.

It is in the news that Bill and Melinda Gates are getting a divorce. It stands to reason that a relationship with the person responsible for creating Microsoft BOB was doomed to failure.

I've been trying to log in to my old toastytech youtube account. Of course, it is a Google account now. I only log in to it every couple of years, and each time they give me a hassle about "recovering". Well, this time it won't let me in at all. It sends me an e-mail and lets me enter a recovery code..... then insists that it "texts" me some code.

Do I look like a damn teenage girl? I don't own a smartphone, I don't want one, I'm not a consumertard, and I am not going to waste a pile of money just for this one damn thing. Of course, entering my normal phone number does nothing at all.


No, I don't even have anyone else I could borrow a cell phone from. I'm all alone in this world. It sucks to be me. But that raises a question - Google lets me enter any phone number - so how the FUCK does that even prove it is me?

Right, it doesn't, it JUST SELLS CELL PHONES!

You consumertard idiots just want everything to require a cell phone, for no reason at all except to make you feel better about owning some overpriced status symbol. Like a modern version of a Rolex watch. Oh, wait Apple is already doing that too. My $10 Casio watch says "bite me, I'll be keeping time long after your wasteful toy is obsolete and in the trash".

Which reminds me, you consumertards are so desperate to make everything require a cell phone, you even made a COVID-19 test that absolutely, no options given, requires a retarded smart phone. Just why? Freaking WHY?


So Windows 10 did a massive update. What a clusterfrack.

It had some issue running, so I checked the update control panel. The wording on the update control panel read that "this version of windows is no longer supported". Windows 10 is no longer supported? What!? Did I miss that many memos? Ok, so I guess it probably referred to the update/service pack level of Windows 10 that I was running. But that could have been worded much, much better.

Then it seemed to complain about not wanting to update. Finally it told me that the version of VirtualBox I had installed was "not compatible with Windows 10".

Uh what? I'm ALREADY RUNNING WINDOWS 10 on this machine. Ok, so that means Microsoft broke something and I have to update VirtualBox. That would not be a problem, except I'm running the 32-bit version and the assholes who run VirtualBox dropped support for 32-bit. Well, OK, I lucked out and there was still a 5.x 32-bit update available that worked. Of course who knows what that breaks, I will have to re-test everything now.

Minor updates should NOT break applications like this. But if this problem happens again in the future, I obviously won't be allowed to even try to update Windows! (And then I'll be "iiiinsecurreeeeee!")

Apparently this update changes all kinds of things around. Never for any good reason, of course.

So after installation, it launches the new Microsoft Edge full screen and displays a "Welcome to the new Microsoft Edge" window. Notice that there is no visual way to dismiss this! I wound up using task manager to end the damn program.

Then it asks "Would you like to set Microsoft Edge as your default browser?". Notice that that is a yes or no question, but there is no "no".  Yep, good old Microsoft, still at it after all these years.

And it added a new Microsoft Edge icon to the desktop. I had actually had ALL browser icons on this machine removed for a particular reason.

Finally, Windows 10 bitches that there are major security updates missing, but I'll just guess that is normal until it grabs more updates.

I also glanced at Windows defender alerts, which reported the following "issues"

It complains about some kind of "account protection" saying that I should "sign in to Microsoft for enhanced security" Yea, the security that they can rape you any time they want. This is just stupid. Using a remote third-party system account to log in to a personal computer is just... stupid!

It complained something about "App & browser control" It would not let me dismiss that warning even though it has a "dismiss" link. Whatever.

Finally, and most annoyingly, many times when I reboot, it shows this "Lets finish setting up your device". ("Device"? They should NOT have changed any settings that require changes. I just don't have time to deal with this crap.

Oh, well, look closer, it's just advertising for stupid microsoft shit. Some facial recognition shit? That is dumb. Oh, look, selling cell phones. Let Microsoft see your activity history on all your devices! An advertisement for Microsoft "365". I don't want your subscription garbage. Oh, and stuff about OneDrive, yea, just give all the rest of your files to Microsoft while you are at it. Dumbfucks.

Reportedly Mozilla is laying off 250 developers. If those were the developers that screwed up the UI, then it might not be such a bad thing. The world is such a mess right now, who knows what will happen.

Microsoft has been pushing out a Google Chrome based replacement for Microsoft Edge. Edge never made any sense at all, but this does reduce the diversity of the web, with more sites making crap that only works in Chrome just like the bad old days of "only viewable in Internet Explorer 4".

It is also somewhat surprising that Microsoft would relinquish so much power over the web. Having a third party browser standard is precisely what they were trying to prevent by making Internet Explorer dominant. Well, perhaps Microsoft should go back to developing their proprietary MSN service instead. :P

Honestly, I'm tired of what a retarded mess this world has turned in to.

Just when I thought Microsoft was circling the drain hard enough there wouldn't be much left to rant about. The Windows 10 mail "app" is reportedly now showing advertisements. Not surprised at all. They already did that with the advertising startup, I mean lock, screen.

They have also reportedly removed the ability, or at least the easily visible ability, to make local accounts on the low end Home Windows 10, requiring everyone to sign in with a remote "Microsoft" account that will stop working once Microsoft goes out of business, or they decide they hate you and lock you out.

Remember, modern computers use YOU.

I reeeeeeally need to get around to testing some new Linux distros.

Microsoft is really trying to get retards to switch to Office 365, their "cloud" based office product over normal Microsoft Office 2019. There is some lame set of videos where two people try to do the same task with each Office product and somehow the Office 365 crap magically wins.

It reminds me of that Internet Explorer / 98lite video where Microsoft employees "test" 98Lite and complain how everything is so much "slower", even though everything is actually much faster.

What we need is another set of videos that go more like -
Mr Office 365: "Oh, shit the Internet is down"
Mr Office 2019: "I'm still getting work done, asshole. Go die in a fire."

Mr Office 365: "Fuuuuu, someone is downloading a torrent, everything is slowing down! It's slower than my 1983 IBM PCjr!"
Mr Office 2019: "Well, I'm still zooming around like its 2019!"

Mr: Office 365: "I watch and record everything you do and sell that information to skumbag marketers in India!"
Mr. Office 2019: "What? I can't hear you. I'm working in the privacy of my own Personal Computer."

Mr. Office 365: "I'm in teh cloudz! And that is cool! The commercials say so! You are oooollllddd!!! You need Office 365 on teh webz with blue LEDs and rainbow case fans!"
Mr. Office 97: "Was I supposed to upgrade?"

Rumors abound Microsoft may eventually drop Microsoft Edge in favor of a Google Chrome based browser. Great! Now we get to have THREE browsers unremovably pre-installed on our systems!

Microsoft Edge never made any sense. It did not directly replace the IE rendering engine, and IE remained present on Windows 10. People had their minds wrapped around the name "Internet Explorer" and the "e" icons, but now there is a different "e" icon that launches something slightly different. Using Windows 10 and Windows 7 and want to use the same browser on both? - That means installing Firefox or Chrome since Microsoft brilliantly never made Edge available for Windows 7.

Microsoft is really going down the toilet.

It seems Microsoft is showing the first signs that they might drop the standalone desktop Microsoft Office software in favor of their webby-cloudy subscription version. Basically, they are making bug fixes to the subscription version but not the standalone version.

The only thing that surprises me is that they have not done more of this sooner. It is in Microsoft's best interests to lock people  in to one single version that brings in a steady stream of blood.

I miss the days when there was real competition. Back then you couldn't throw a rock without hitting some other vendor's word processor, spread sheet, presentation, or database program.

Well, it seems Microsoft stopped activating Windows 10. Well, at least for a day or so. Some glitch that momentarily woke people back up to the presence of their ball and chain copy protection tether back to Microsoft. And then they forgave the oh so generous Microsoft and went back to sleep.

It was a bad idea when they introduced it with Windows XP, it is still a bad idea now.

Ha Ha.

Word got out that Microsoft was testing a "feature" in their internal beta Windows builds that intercepted Firefox/Chrome installation and warned users against using anything other than Microsoft Edge because it is "safer" and "faster". Unsurprisingly they learned nothing from the whole DOJ ordeal.

Another damn Windows 10 update changed a bunch of setting around. Of course it had to throw the Microsoft Edge icon back on the desktop. I hate to think of what else it fucked up. I am so, so, so very tired of all of this.

I have pointed this out before in my review of Windows 8.0, but I need to point out again exactly how evil the new "open with" dialog is is Windows 10.

Instead of just listing applications that are installed on your computer, the first and only entry is to redirect you to their stupid "store". According to advertising executive Staya Nadella, installed applications must be secondary, and they don't want you to search the web for a free tool.

But even more annoyingly, WHERE IS THE CANCEL BUTTON?!?!!

The ONLY option is "OK". No, it is NOT OK! I don't want to do that. How do I get out of this? Oh, well, it seems clicking the mouse outside of the window makes it go away...... WHEN THE FUCK HAS THAT BEEN A STANDARD UI PRACTICE? Right, NEVER! And there is no window management, that normally would also have a Close button. "No, we are Microsoft and we want you going to our store and giving us your money, fuck you".

For the kids who do not remember, here is how a useful, non abusive, "open with" dialog looks:

Microsoft finally got slapped by the German government for their obnoxious and invasive pushing of Windows 10. Too little and too late, but it is good to see at least the Germans have a bit of common sense left. I doubt the US government will ever do anything about that.

Microsoft is releasing a new flavor of Windows 10 named "Windows 10 S" that is crippled so that it only can install applications from Microsoft's Windows Store. Releasing an entire version of Windows for this seems a bit silly since normal Windows 10 already has this as an optional setting that administrators may set.

Still, once again people forget what made Personal Computing so great - the ability to write and run your own programs without having to bow down to some big company.

Reportedly Microsoft is now selling the telemetry data it collects from you to third parties. What did you expect? What, did you think that was for debugging or UI design purposes?

Expect more targeted advertising on your desktop, and automatic phone calls to law enforcement when you do anything they don't like.

Fuck, I can't even say stuff like that and sound sarcastic anymore.

And Microsoft has stepped it up another notch again in one last attempt to assimilate users before "ending" the update with a full screen nag:

Seriously, screw you Staya.

Microsoft has gone a step further and changed the Windows 10 upgrade nag screen from an opt-in to an opt-OUT.

The previous one just asked if you wanted to upgrade and you would just click NO or cancel. The new one automatically "schedules" an update, and you must go through extra steps to cancel it. If you ignore it, you will get Windows 10. Up the butt. And you must be happy about it.

Microsoft reeeeaaallly won't shut up about Windows 10: Install Windows 10.jpg

Apparently Microsoft's "Office 365" service was down for a day in Europe. It blows my mind that anyone would even want such a service. The whole point of the personal computer revolution was to get out from under the centralized control of big corporations. They might as well be using green-screen dumb terminals connected to a Microsoft mainframe. And yet somehow people think this is OK.

I am so sick of Windows 10. At least most other people are too.

The Windows 10 spyware mis-features are getting a lot of attention, but still not as much as they should. The thing is, until someone openly examines the source code and publishes details about what Microsoft is collecting, and then Microsoft is held accountable for any changes, WE JUST CAN'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! So until that happens, we should all assume they send back your bank account information and may plant CP on your computer.

They are still really trying to push Windows 10 over Windows 8 and 7. They pushed out that popup to all (non enterprise) Windows 7 users and you can't get rid of that without hacking around in the registry. Why isn't Satya Nadella shot in front of a firing squad?

Also, it looks like youtube finally gave up working with SeaMonkey 1.1.x/Flash 7. The embedded player still seems to work, but a script on their site pages is crapping out causing everything to stop. Of couese, the site layout has been broken for ages.

There has been a lot of chatter about Microsoft giving away "free" copies of Windows 9. I mean 10. Of course, creating such chatter is exactly what they want. Really, Windows 10 is more or less just a service pack for 8.x.

But the real news is they are offering it to Windows 7 users, to try and cut in to the number of those stubborn folks who want to use an OS/GUI that actually works. And they are doing this by installing a retarded popup thing *advertising* this on all Windows 7 machines. How is that even legal? Anyway, NO THANKS!

Oh, and these so called "free" copies require use of a Microsoft online account that is tied to your local Windows account. So they spy on you and advertise more to you, and who knows what. That is not what I call free.

They are also supposedly offering "free" copies to people who beta test Windows for them, because Microsoft fired all their QA staff. That really inspires confidence.

Supposedly Windows 10 is going to be released soon but they are not in "feature freeze"? W... T... F...?

And now, Microsoft is giving OEMs the option to lock Secure Boot on. In unrelated news, Microsoft is giving OEMs the option to have their legs broken or not.

It seems that Microsoft wants to kill off the "Internet Explorer" brand name, and add a  second, distinctly different, browser in addition to IE.

I've mentioned previously that the only real way to keep up with insane internet standards-of-the-minute is for them to add a second browser or rendering engine that is not "integrated" with the OS. That is, applications that programmatically call the browser get one rendering engine, and regular user browsing gets another.

What is Microsoft supposed to do when only a year after a new OS release, some new internet  fad comes out that changes everything? Long gone are the days when Microsoft could dictate their standards, and calmly wait to add the changes in the next OS release cycle. If they add random crap to their "integrated" IE, then they risk breaking shitty designed applications.

So, the solution is simple. Add a second web browser. That is what most people do anyway, but Microsoft would rather that it not be Firefox or Google Chrome.

But the whole idea of changing the branding seems like an overkill. From a user's perspective it would make more sense for Microsoft to keep "Internet Explorer" and seamlessly have different browsing compatibility modes. To some extent, they had already done that in other versions.

But then again, we are talking about the same drooling retards who thought getting rid of the Start menu was a good idea.

At the rate they are going they will successfully eliminate the "Microsoft" brand. YAY!

Well just in time for Halloween, Windows 7 OEM sales end on friday. So that leaves regular consumers with just that crappy Windows 8 unless you want to dig around and buy a used laptop.

Duuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr. The execs at Microsoft obviously didn't learn to count in kindergarten. Like some kind of lame April fools joke, they announced that the next version of Windows is going to be called "Windows 10". Never mind that there was no Windows 9. Now they are pulling some lame excuse out of their butts that it preserves compatibility. Like a new release has never broken a crappy program before.

Now, search engines getting confused between "Windows 9" and "Windows 9x" would at least be a valid argument.

Funny thing about search engine results is that I get a LOT of hits on my site for people searching for "Windows 8 service pack 1" since they decided to randomly jump to 8.1 instead of 8.0 SP1 and not make it a truly free download (you can only get it from their retarded "store" instead of just normally downloading it).

Other names they considered:
- Windows Ten-ish
- Windows Can't Count Edition
- Windows We Lost Count Edition
- Windows 9.9999897853 Pentium FDIV Bug Edition.

With the end-of-support date for Windows XP coming up, a lot more people are beginning to feel the sting from the foul odor of Windows 8. If you know where to look (in business class machines), there are still a good choice of Windows 7 machines. I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't pulled the plug on Windows 7 sales yet. Perhaps someone there still wants to stay in business?

Certainly not Balmer. He's out of there, and besides, he loves those cell phones so much, he should just marry them.

Imagine it: A retired Steve Balmer happily driving around  his new cell phone wife in his smoke belching vintage late 1980's bright green astroturf-mobile.

According to the news, Steve Balmer announced his plan to retire....


And don't let the chair hit you on the ass on the way out.

It's kind of disturbing how many of these backwards Windows 8 machines are out there now. I'm surprised there hasn't been more of a backlash. The average person is just going to put up with it, but reports are PC sales have significantly dropped.

It is hilarious how Microsoft keeps pointing their finger and blaming tablets as the single cause of low PC sales. Everyone knows the real reason PC sales are dropping are:
1: Nobody wants Windows 8
2: Old desktop computers are good enough
3: You can, indeed, look at pictures of cats on a tablet or "phone" without Windows.

But people have forgotten why personal computing came about in the first place. Go back and look at the software that made companies buy IBM PCs in the first place. These were spread sheets, word processors, databases, financial programs and such. Those needs may seem mundane today but they are not magically going away, and they are just as critical to businesses as they were then. And those are not the sort of things you can easily do on a toy phone or tablet.

If all you do is look at pictures of cats and clips of Family Guy, then by all means get a tablet. I don't care. But don't try and shove your dumbed down user interfaces on desktops where they don't belong.

The really crazy thing is how each time a Windows 8 story comes up, comments are usually filled with obvious Microsoft shill posts saying things along the lines of "Windows 8 works great for me! It is so much better! And there is something wrong with you if you can't get used to it and like it". And never a single drop of detail backing up what they claim to be "better".

And Microsoft shills are already flapping their heads about "Windows 8.1", trying to make it sound like a complete 180. All Microsoft has done is touch up a couple of things that shouldn't have been messed up in the first place. "They listened" my ass. Brought back the Start button? What a joke. I think this Penny Arcade comic sums up the situation quite nicely: http://penny-arcade.com/comic/2013/06/28

BTW, Google sure knows its user base well! Using clips of Family Guy in their Chrome advertisements... Damn that show is so retarded.

Some of the first Windows 8 advertisements have surfaced. Just as I thought, all of them are just hypnotic scrolling similar to many recent cell phone advertisements. "Oh it scrolls, it scrolls! Duuuuhhhhh". Most of the ads show Windows 8 running on a tablet, not a normal PC. They obviously did that to show off touch screens because they know damn well that is useless on a normal PC. They also show off various "apps" like a cookbook and stuff. It reminds me sooooooooo much of the mindless crapps that they used to bundle with "multimedia" computers back in the early 90s.

Really, touch screens like failed early 1980s machines, full screen applications just like the old DOS days, "tiled" applications like back in Windows 1.01, memorizing commands just like the old command line, useless crap apps like back in the early days of multimedia, yes Windows 8 is so, so new.

Well, it is beginning to sound like Windows 8/RT (whatever they are calling it this week) for ARM is already dead. Apparently Microsoft wants to produce their own tablet hardware, and HP says they aren't going to try and compete with Microsoft by also making a Win 8 tablet.

Back in the 90s, it seemed like Microsoft really wanted to make their own desktop PC hardware like Apple. But Microsoft grew up as a software company licensing it's software to numerous third parties. If they had decided to produce their own PCs at all, that would have thrown a major monkey wrench in their relationships with other PC vendors. Images of Apple forcibly shutting down clone makers comes to mind. - nobody wants to be in that position with mobile devices today.

Well, this is brilliant. If you want your Linux distro to be able to use UEFI SecureBoot, its bootloader will have to be signed.... BY MICROSOFT. Making Microsoft the gatekeper of everything that runs on the upcoming generation of PCs. Sure, sure, supposedly it should be possible to turn off SecureBoot, but how long will that last?

And on top of that Microsoft's new EULAs prohibits class action lawsuits. (If people were actually in charge of things instead of large corporations, this would be illegal!)

I was really hoping that Windows 8 for the ARM would be a full, direct port, identical other than lacking x86 compatibility - similar to the old days of NT 4 on Alpha/Mips/PPC. The idea being that one could just take an existing Win32 application and recompile it for ARM with minimal changes.

But it seems somehow that Microsoft is not going to permit that.

From what I have read, any non-Microsoft applications will be forced to use the "Metro" UI and the "Windows RT" runtime, while IE and MS Office will enjoy the privilege of using a standard desktop mode and presumably standard Win APIs.

This differs so much from regular Windows it is looking more and like Windows CE. And why would anyone want another locked down OS? Did Microsoft forget they are also competing with Android?

Also Internet Explorer coming to XBOX?  I wonder how much like "IE" for windows that really is? XBOX runs a custom closer-to-the-hardware OS that is simply NOT Windows. I'm guessing this port of IE will get the same treatment as IE 5 for MacOS.

Still, it's interesting - and a little worrisome - that after all this time of being Windows/x86 only, they are now once again trying to get more coverage on different platforms.

And on top of all that, they are shooting out IE advertisements all over the TV. I wish they would SHUT UP!

All the pieces are coming in place - all they have to do is start their underhanded business tactics again and brutally murder their competitors.

They must be busy with something, they forgot their regular rounds of leg-breaking at Inland where they somehow defied Microsoft and managed to produce this keyboard without the Microsoft (TM) logo on the "start" key. I haven't seen any run-of-the-mill keyboards like this since 1995. (Currently on sale at Microcenter! Get them while they last!)

I feel a storm brewing.

If you want to get off of Mozilla's version number roller coaster, download Firefox 10 ESR

Reportedly, Microsoft is going to start "forcing" IE upgrades to XP/Vista/Win7 users of IE 6/7/8. For existing stuff, not really that big of a deal. IE has been pushed out via Windows Update for ages, except users could opt out - and if they did then this new update still will not update them.  And of course, companies usually use their own update methods. So this will mainly affect new installs.

I think the interesting part will be going forward to see how Microsoft handles future upgrades (say from IE 9 to 10). If Microsoft forces people to move instantly on the upgrade treadmill this could cause problems for developers who need to maintain compatibilty.

There has been some talk about the new "Secure Boot" that Microsoft is requiring OEMs to put in their motherboards. Basically it will technologically block the ability of a PC to boot anything other than Microsoft(TM) brand Windows unless this feature can be disabled or set with a custom key.

It sound like initially most vendors may provide this as an option. But it will make booting other OSes on random computers harder as one must disable the option in BIOS first. And there exist the very real and likely possibility that vendors may eventually omit the ability to disable or customize this feature.

Microsoft apologists are quick to point out that this new Secure Boot requirement does not state in any way that OEMs must lock out other OSes. However this quite reminds me of how Microsoft required OEMs to install Internet Explorer and not  remove the IE icon. Sure they were free to continue bundling Netscape in addition, but how many really did that?

Firefox's market share is plummeting. Not surprised. Every single story on Slashdot is filled with hundreds of negative comments about the direction Mozilla has taken. Not a single positive comment either. Users are complaining about broken buggy stuff because Mozilla has turned their entire user base in to beta testers. And while Mozilla is adding flashy new useless features the competition is excelling in simple things like a UI that doesn't randomly freeze solid.

I have a theory that what happened was that Mozilla based this rapid release idea on the feedback they got from the feedback tool they included with the Firefox 4 betas. Unfortunately the only people using it at the time happened to be the "bleeding edge" enthusiast kids who, of course, all said stuff like "you should have more frequent releases!11!11!! I love new features and I wants them nows!!!". Meanwhile the people that really mattered (developers, corporate, etc.) were all still running stable 3.6 and probably didn't even know about this feedback tool.

Please stop the madness.

I hate to say it, but Firefox has officially screwed the pooch. This version number bumping nonsense is causing very serious, very real problems for people and Mozilla.org is doing little to address the issues. I was hoping by now they would announce some kind of alternate long term support plan or something for those who need it, but no such luck. What end users may not see is that the companies and their developers require stable long term support from Mozilla in order for them to in turn provide support to their users. This version number bumping destroys all of that.

After all of these years of slowly building mind share and getting people to accept Firefox as a viable alternative to IE, Mozilla has taken the entire thing and flushed it down the toilet. );

I really hope I am wrong, and things work out better than it looks, but this looks bad.

Is that Bill Gates laughing right now?

The penalties, what few there were, from the antitrust case against Microsoft are at an end. It will be interesting to see if they return to their blatant anti-competitive ways, although they never really stopped - they were just infinitely more subtle and tactful about it. Since then, Linux has become a bit more of a competitor on the PC desktop, but most other alternatives OSes have disappeared or remained in extreme niche markets (MacOS X is still only licensed for use on Apple hardware). On the brighter side, despite their best efforts the diversity of web browsers has flourished, with Firefox, Opera, Safari, and even the newcomer Chrome all being popular and inter operable on the modern internet.

Turns out the future IE 10 might not run on Windows Vista. Well, boo-hoo for Vista, but for those that want to develop with browsers as part of an application platform this further fragments the environments they can target. Although I would hope more people are targeting Firefox as their primary client platform.

The recent announcement, however, that Firefox will start pumping out new versions that bump the version number every few months, suggests version fragmentation among Firefox users may increase. Actually, with some of the unpopular UI changes in Firefox 4, some people are sticking with 3.6. I'd really rather not rant about Firefox, but come on Mozilla, you already had the ability to hide the status bar, you could have just shipped it with the default set to "hidden" instead of removing it entirely!!!

Firefox 4 was released, and IE 9 was released the other day too. Still blows my mind that IE 9 won't run on XP, especially when XP is still very widely used. This does make me think about how Windows XP's "end of support" date is slowly creeping up. It will be VERY interesting to see if Microsoft permits any new installation or re-installation of XP after that date. Thanks to their product activation, if Microsoft dropped off the face of the planet consumers would suddenly not be able to install or re-install Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.

It looks like there is an IE 9 preview out. Whoop-de-freaking-doo. It looks like the IE 9 user interface has been stripped down to be similar to browsers on mobile devices. It has just basic navigation, the URL bar, and tabs all on one line. You know, some people NEED those extra menus and other things. I'm kind of disappointed that Firefox 4 also wants to follow in this trend. I wonder if Safari is going to try that next :P

Oh, well the IE 7/8 UI kind of sucked. I never did understand that "new tab" button that looked nothing like a clickable button until you hovered the mouse over it.

It will be interesting to see who actually adopts this version. IE 9 doesn't run on Windows XP any more, which might cause some issues for corporate types that still require Windows XP. Although they are probably still stuck on IE 6. Well, Firefox 4 to the rescue! The latest Firefox 4 beta still runs under Windows 2000! (And unofficially it looks like it will even run under Windows 98 using KernelEx)

It keeps popping up in the news that various companies are still stuck on IE 6.

It's always the same story: they have intranet sites that only work in IE 6. They can't run IE 7 or 8 alongside IE 6 (at least not in a supported manor), and IE 6 doesn't run under Vista or Windows 7 (again, at least not in a supported manor).  And migrating to Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc is out of the question because some version of IE is always installed on Windows, which to those in charge means "supporting" two applications that do the exact same thing.

What bothers me the most is that companies don't seem to keep sufficient knowledgeable people on staff to update these applications. (I'm guessing many of these are in-house, but this can also apply to application vendors). Keeping your business  locked in to a specific version of a specific tool is an insanely huge risk.

It seems like Windows 8 is already slowly getting subtly hyped. Not as much as Longhorn or some of the other alpha/betas, but I would be surprised if it doesn't increase.

Kind of surprised people would buy in to it these days. The days when a new release meant revolutionary new features that average users would care about are long gone. Underneath the hood it is not incredibly different from the original Windows NT 3.x. Vista and Windows 7 really seemed to more or less just rearranged stuff based on the fashions of the day. Of course I have no doubt  whenever it is released there will some things that can be called worthwhile technical improvements, but as always it bugs me that a product that is not even anywhere vaguely near release can generate such undeserved hype.

I can already hear people doing the Windows 8 FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU-in disappointment when they realize it is the same old same old.

Of course if you want to talk about hype I could talk about the iPhone and how everybody is so eager to get themselves locked in to a non-user programmable computing device (well these things aren't just a simple phone any more), and locked in to one cell provider. I honestly think Steve Jobs would have loved to have had the original 1984 Macintosh just as locked down.

No, this isn't a joke, you aren't seeing things, I actually updated the site a bit. I pruned some of the content that is no longer meaningful while hopefully leaving the more humorous pages. The new "IE is Evil: the story" combines the more important parts of some of the dropped pages in to what is hopefully a rational, informative explanation of why Internet Explorer is Evil exists.

Also, now that Geocitties has closed... well the IQ of the web suddenly went up. So time to drop those stupid embedded midis. I always felt they added a certain "ambiance" to the pages that  better conveyed the feeling. But time to go. Well, I did come across this midi (yes already, it is from Portal) the other day and just fit so well on the new Story page, I'll leave it there for a few days to celebrate I guess, but then I will zap it.

That "browser ballot" has been making its way around Europe. I hear lots of complaints about it, because it is essentially a forced advertisement. It is silly, but absolutely necessary because Microsoft does have an unfair advantage in the market place.

Personally, I would have rather seen the Windows 7E solution rolled out. That would have been the more technically correct thing to do and might have encouraged Microsoft and others to slowly start removing IE as an unnecessary dependency from its OS and applications.

I should have seen this one coming. At the last minute Microsoft decided it would be in Europe's best interest if Microsoft kept shoving IE up Europe's butt - so no more Windows 7 E. Instead everybody gets the regular IE infested version now.

From what I have read companies were bitching about how Win7e could not be installed as an upgrade over XP/Vista. Why the hell not? It's not THAT complicated.

In retrospect this kind of reminds me how MS threatened to stop selling Windows 95 to Compaq unless Compaq put the IE icon, which they had removed, back on their pre-loaded desktops.

In this case MS threatened to stop selling a feature (a seamless upgrade), people panicked and gave in to Microsoft continuing to bundle IE.

Shit. Looks like I'll have to stick with Windows 95.

According to Slashdot the version of Windows 7 sold in Europe, named "Windows 7 E" by Microsoft, will not include IE!

What I want to know is why they don't sell this everywhere!? How does Europe get off so easy but the rest of the world still has to be tortured?!

Hell, I'm tempted to buy a copy. Perhaps this means, because of my personal ban on IE, I can finally upgrade my system from Windows 95?

And IE 8 has been released. Yaaaawn.... *cough* *cough* *ack!* P-U! Someone get a shovel!
Once again, it's nothing special. See the comparison of IE 7 to IE 6 below to see how I would compare IE 8 to IE 7. They have changed things around in their rendering engine a bit - enough so that they have to have a "compatibility mode" button to tell IE to render it more like IE 6/7 did. Apparently they even report which mode is in use in the User Agent string.

Anyway, now that IE 6 users are *two* versions behind now, perhaps they will finally upgrade. With any luck, to Firefox.

Well, well, well. A "leaked" version of a Windows 7 beta has made it out and reportedly it appears to let users "uninstall" Internet Explorer. All it does is remove the IEXPLORE.EXE stub, but after more than 10 years of firmly refusing budge on the matter this is more than significant.

Perhaps I should change the background of this page to ice blue? :)

Opera has been in the news lately trying to get the European Commission to force MS to remove Internet Explorer from Windows, similar to how they were forced to remove Media Player in a special version of Windows called "Windows N".

I hope Opera can pull this off. Of course MS would just try to create another "special" version of Windows with a bunch of DLLs indiscriminately yanked out again.

Since people don't seem to "get it", what specifically needs to happen is that Microsoft needs to make IE a fully add/removable program. This would exist in the standard distribution of Windows.

Unchecked, there is absolutely no IE installed. Of course, MS would need to unretardify most of their other apps to do this. Other apps would get a nice fat error saying something like "this program stupidly embedded IE, get a corrected copy from your vendor". And it's not like this would be the first time MS has removed stuff that other apps depended on.

Checked, IE is present, Windows is exactly the same as before, and all of your crappy IE-loving applications will run. And those who really can't figure out any other way to obtain Firefox can still download it with IE. Duh.

Some of the negative reactions I have seen to what Opera is trying to do just blows my mind. Apparently there are still more MS and IE lovers out there than I thought.

Oh, and just because KDE/Gnome/MacOSX have all copied MS and "integrated" a web browser doesn't make such integration right. And it doesn't justify Microsoft bundling IE because MS still has monopoly power.

Well, Bill gates is finally retiring from Microsoft. Good riddance! Now if they could just get rid of that chair throwing ape Balmer. Perhaps I will have to make a "Steve Balmer Sucks" page now.

Oh, and around a year and a half later since Vista was released and people are still hating it. I know one "joe blow" type person who is looking for a new laptop and is insisting on Windows XP. Good luck! Microsoft isn't selling XP any more and OEMs aren't likely to sell it (although some do) because MS doesn't want them to. And after so long you won't be able to "activate" any old copies of XP.

Reportedly Microsoft's XP/Vista WGA "Activation" servers borked up and around 12000 legitimate systems started complaining they were pirated. On XP/Vista that means it will stop working after so many days of being unable to properly authenticate. On Vista that means various OS functionality is also disabled.

I have been telling people that this shit is retarded an unacceptable since Windows XP first came out, but people go and buy that shit anyway. And I'm sure people are going to sit back and just go "Well, there's nothing I can do". (Uh, yes idiots there IS stuff you CAN do. Doesn't mean you have to do it, we all have to choose our battles, but don't bullshit yourself! Oh, and get a Mac!)

Welcome to the Windows Genuine disAdvantage!

I would continue to rant, but WGA just shut me down! (Wait, my Windows 95 doesn't have that WGA virus. Windows 95 is superior!)

"People Ready Business" - That is the slogan for a recent new advertising campaign from Microsoft. What a load. More like "Ready to to rape people raw because it's our business"

Oh, and those crappy proprietary new DOCX and XLSX office 2007 file formats are becoming a serious pain in the ass! This, I think, is throwing a major monkey wrench in to any OpenOffice adoption. Of course, that is what Bill intended. But what surprises me is that there are no really good converters after all this time. There is one from Novell but it requires Mono on Suse Linux, and the .Net runtime on Windows. So nowhere near universal.

Oh, man Office 2007 is a turd. Moving from Office XP to Office 2003 was a pain but at least all of the BS could be turned off. Microsoft completely changed around the user interface!! They replaced the menu bars with "ribbon" toolbars.

They have been pushing that out at where I work and I have been watching people use it... well, it might as well have been the Japanese version! Nobody can  find anything they actually need. The first thing people started doing was adding their own custom icons to the tool bars! (You can add your own custom buttons the same as previous versions)  Highly undesirable as having users with custom menus/toolbars is a NIGHTMARE to provide remote assistance to.

Now, it seems that once someone is familiar with the new "ribbon" toolbars it is fairly efficient, but Pulldown menus have been around for ages, and this is what people are familiar with. This is the "language" that people "speak" and have "spoken" for more than 20 years.

How about in Office 2009 Microsoft do away with all those pesky other languages and make everybody learn Esperanto? (That is an invented spoken language) Hell, it might actually be more efficient, but people will still want to do things their own way. Heck English is the "standard" language around here but if I listen I hear plenty of Spanish, Chinese, and all kinds of other languages. Hmmm, I shouldn't be giving Microsoft ideas. The scary thing is they have enough power they could do that if they wanted to.

And isn't it nice how they completely changed the Word and Excel document format? Now we have .DOCX files flying around in e-mail - and the typical response when a person can't open them is "just get Office 2007". And now there are many non-MS applications out there that read MS-Word documents, but now have to be "upgraded", if possible,  to read this new proprietary format! (Yea XML yada yada yada, it's just all just a memory dump between brackets) Oh, and since DOCX is the default, users don't think twice - or even once - about saving and sending documents in this format.

I.... hate... this early... daylight savings time. And energy savings my ASS, our wonderful corporate owned government is forcing us to get up earlier just to give business an extra hour of daylight money making. And of course consumers now have to throw out all their old non DST07 compliant clocks, VCRs, DVD players, computers, and cough up money for new ones. Personally I think the companies/government has too much power when they can just pass a law to force us all get up earlier.

And just by passing a law they created their own mini-Y2K type problem. And for whatever reason Microsoft dragged their feet getting an update out for Windows XP/2003 or something. Last week lots of computers still had the wrong time on them and couldn't just be reset because on corporate networks they usually get reset (using "universal" time) by a central server.

Ug. It looks like Microsoft Windoze Fista... errr Vista is finally finding it's way to store shelves. So I came across this web site called "Windows Vista - Show Us Your Wow" and I'm thinking to myself "is this another joke/parody web site like SpreadInternetExplorer.com?" Because it looks kind of like the Firefox Testimonial thing from a while back. But right now it has an actual video of Bill on the front page preaching about stuff. So it looks like they want the public to show them their "wow" moments with Vista..... Like "WOW Windows fucked up again!" "WOW! This is the same old shit, only slower", or "WOW my old DRMed music won't play now!", or "WOW, I just gave Bill a whole wad of cash for this heaping pile of dung." or "WOW! I needed a newer version of Flash than my 95 machine will handle so I am viewing this site on my Mac!"

Oh, and now that Vista is out, let's see how soon MS decides to stop activating/reactivating Windows XP. I warned about the dangers of activation before when XP first came out. People see now how easily it can get "deactivated" by changing hardware or getting clobbered in various other ways. 10 or 20 years from now, if not sooner, that 2006 machine will not be an antique... it will be a DOORSTOP! Bookmark my words, it will happen.

Well, Microsoft finally got around to releasing IE 7. Much in the same way one releases a bowl movement.
So here is my  extensive technical comparison of IE 6 vs IE 7:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7)
IE 6
IE 7
For you youngin's those are vacuums tubes there.

And for comparison, this would be Firefox...

IE 7, IE 7, IE 7, IE 7. Why is everybody so obsessed with IE 7?! Well, in all fairness it may have to do with the fact that MS has not released a new version since 2001 while all other browser vendors have been producing new versions like hotcakes - with actual improvements!!!! It actually would be nice if Microsoft would bring their rendering engine in to this century, but as I have explained before they cannot and will not do that because it would "break" all of the older content that relies on IE's fucked up behavior. I'm talking about content not just on the web but IE-only content on CDs and hard drives, often embedded in applications as well as huge corporate intranet applications that were programed buy a bunch of drooling retards.

At any rate the IE 7 beta is crap, and it will not be any better when it is released. Goofing up the GUI to make everyone go "ooohhhh, it's different!" doesn't change the fact that it is evil crap and always will be evil crap.

Well, Firefox has around 10% of the browser share now and some idiots think that is **STILL** not enough to warrant correcting their shitty sites to work in anything other than obsolete Idiot Explorer!

And I'm not talking about some backwater geoshittys web site that has gotten all of 104 hits since 1998, Im talking about major banking sites, on-line stores, business web sites, and popular entertainment sites! Those entertainment web sites are really annoying and all of them seem to also want Windows Media Player on Windows 2000 or XP so they can use there  Digitial Restrictions Management in an imaginary attempt to keep people from copying there oh-so-precious videos (like they are worth copying or something) But the others are loosing customers! Would they turn away 10 out of 100 people at a brick and mortar store? How about 20 out of 100 or 50 out of 100? I can't wait until the day NO ONE can access their site and they go out of business because they are too stupid to survive.

Oh, and most likely those people who use Firefox *CHOSE* Firefox, are more sophisticated, and are more likely to be offended when you tell them you don't want to do business with them.

After all these years I would have thought that people would be tired of bundling IE with their shit. Especially since most software these days requires Windows XP or 2000 anyway which all have IE already  (regardless if you want it or not). It also boggles my mind why people feel the need to put software on video DVDs. It is bad enough that this software is always only for Windows but they also bundle IE! Ug.

Well, AOL finally went and did it. Netscape now requires Internet Explorer - and renders with it to! What the is the point? Idiots who have sites that don't work in Gecko based browsers need to fix their sites or get the hell off of the Internet. But instead AOL has perverted the Netscape brand name and made Netscape 8.0 just another IE shell.

Well, it's official, and Netcraft confirms it too: Internet Explorer is dying! Soon the only place you will see IE in use is in large corporations because of badly designed internal web "apps" that depend on IE's broken HTMLor use obsolete technology such as ActiveX, and of course they are always too lazy and/or stupid to fix them.

In the mean time, please download a superior browser such as Mozilla / Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari, or Konqueror.

(Older rants pruned because they were way out of context these days)

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