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My Buttons and banners

"MSIE meets Mozilla"
A Toastytech Production staring Eavie the Evil "e" and T. Rex Mozilla.

DANGER! It's Microsoft Internet Exploder! - IE bombing out as usual.

NUKE Internet Explorer. With exploding logo.

Internet Explorer is EVIL! - with spinning pentagram. My favorite!

WASH MSIE because it's MESSY! - Running IE through the spin cycle.

YES! BURN IE! BURN! - Another burning IE logo.

Duuuuh, only retards use Internet Explorer - with Buck-toothed Evie the Evil "E" logo.

MSIE makes me sick. It really does. - Green throwing up IE logo.

DIE Microsoft Internet Explorer! - IE tombstone.

1984 - Big Brother's Internet Explorer. - Face is from Apple 1984 advertisement.

#^*% Microsoft Internet Explorer. - Hand is modified Netscape link cursor.

Get Microsoft Internet Assimilator - with borg cube/bill borg. Everyone will be assimilated.

Mickeysoft Internet Explorer - With a picture of Mickey FUC%ING mouse from the channel bar that is shoved on to the Windows desktop when active desktop is turned on, and on to your hard drive no matter what you do.

Monoposoft Internet Exploiter -  One of Bills Billions of sacks of money.

UNINSTALL IE, STOP the integration madness! With Eavie the Evil "E" showing it's true colors. Unfortunately, Bill won't let us uninstall this application.

Nuts to your browser, Bill. - With picture a of a nut.

MSIE is bad. Hmkay?

GET Microsoft Internet Crasher today and win a free hard disk wipe! - flashes text from a GPF message.

Get Mandatory Internet Explorer. (Duh, like you have a choice) - Picture of big brother bill.

Microsoft Idiot Exploiter.

This page was not created using Microsoft FartPage - Eric Crartman farting at FartPage.

Mozilla kicks MSIE's ass!.

Another Mozilla button with the classic Mozilla character.

Change the color of the Blue Screen Of Death with BSOD Properties. I bet Bill wishes he had this utility at the Win98 demo :)

Microsoft - Because you have no choice! MUWAH HA HA HA HA!

This page contains infectivex controls that will hose your system.

Note: All of these buttons were created by me. You are free to use them on your own pages. I would greatly appreciate a link to my site if you do though.

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