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Parody Microsoft sounds and stuff:
notwelcom.wav - Slightly altered version of the Windows 98 "welcome" tune.

win.wav  - "Windows?! We don't need no stinking Windows!"

spmbilldie.wav - Bill Gates makes a brief appearance in South Park the movie:

simp-likemic3.wav - Microsoft bashing on the Simpsons!

shipwin.wav - "That must be why we're not shipping Windows 98 yet" - Bill Gates, standing in front of a big BSOD, at the Windows 98 demo.

Toasty screen saver:
Burn IE, burn!
mshell.zip - The ToastyTech MS Hell screen saver.

MSHell Screen Saver
Written by Steven Blanton

This toasty screen slayer fills your screen with burning red MSIE logos.

To install this screen saver, extract MSHell.scr to your desktop using WinZip or a similar program, right click, and select "install".

Toastytech MIDI files
These are the MIDI files formerly used on this site (most of them are from DOOM):

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