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   Well, here are some pictures that we took on our vacation. Sure, most people would prefer the beach, but we decided to take on hell instead. I suppose battling demons and getting killed over and over again is not what most people would consider "a good time", but we love it!

This picture was taken from a secret ledge that was added in Doom 1.2.
Our stationary camera manages to get us all in this shot, with Indigo and Brown posing in front of the pillar. Atop the pillar is the chain saw!
A quick pose on episode 1 map 3, catching Red in the middle of firing his weapon. The mountains of Phobos can be seen in the background.
Here we are taking in the fine architecture of this simple, but yet spectacular hallway. Despite the illusion of being an elaborate construct, this hallway renders itself at an amazing speed even on an old 486.
Here Indigo gets a shot of me (Green) standing on the raised platform where the soul sphere was.
Here I get a shot of Indigo getting a shot of me.
Here Indigo gets a shot of me taking a shot at him! The picture catches my rocket in mid-air. (cool!)
The resulting explosion of the rocket as captured by Indigo. (Indigo was not really hurt by the explosion)
Uhh.. a bit out of sequence I guess, here I am shooting at the soul sphere. It has no effect, but it  looks sort of cool.
Brown picks up a blur sphere and disappears right  in front of our eyes! (can you see him?)
Here, we have made it to the secret level (Map 9) of episode 1. We are getting the goodies from the pillars in one of the secret rooms. The trick is to jump by running forward, and when you hit the platform, hit reverse before you fall off.
 Here we are having a little bit of fun with the teleport in the pentagram room.
In the middle of combat! This huge swastika provides an excellent setting for carnage. One of the bad guys has targeted our stationary camera.
Indigo accidentally discovers that this pentagram is also a teleport, and notes his enthusiasm. This secret room is on map 5 of episode 1
Here we have made it to the boss level of episode 1, and are in the middle of combat!  This picture captures a baron in mid-death.
We have made it to Demios, (episode 2) and fought our way through a ton of wrecked facilities filled with bad guys. Here we stop to take a break at a video game arcade which has managed to survive intact. Everyone else spent all of their change there.
Indigo fell for that old "fake exit" trick. The rest of us are laughing at him from the doorway above.
Indigo wants a soda from the soda machine (that generic UAC soda crap), but he didn't have any change left.
Apparently still being a little upset from that fake exit thing, Indigo takes out his frustration on the soda machine with his rocket launcher. Well, thanks to his well planed methodology we all got sodas.
Here we take out one of those floating geeks "Ghost
               Buster" style.
Uhhhh.... That's the problem with soda. We can thank Indigo for this shot, perhaps we shouldn't have pulled that fake exit trick on him.
This shot is sort of cheap, but what the heck, we had to do something to finish off that roll of film.
Obviously, we have made it to hell. Red comments on the temperature.
Apparently, Indigo had not read the BFG manual. He managed to get us all in one zap. The baron he killed happened to kill Indigo just before dying.
Red, having lost patience, beats Indigo to a pulp. Indigo takes it lightly.
While the others were exploring, Brown and I came across a cacodemon. We pined ourselves to the wall, and Brown recommends an excellent strategy.
If you know what these guys breath smells like, you can only imagine what their guts smell like.
Here we are engaged in VERY heavy combat on Mt. Erebus. In the middle of all of this, Indigo concerns himself with his own appetite.
Going in there was definitely a mistake. If they don't have running water, why don't these idiots just dump it in the lava!?
Here we are frying the spider-monster with our plasma rifles. This creature is not as tough as it looks.
Well, as you can see, we made it home in one piece. We decided to take a picture of all of us still in our outfits in my living room. 
And here... HEY!!!!!!

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