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Additional Skullday information

I ported the deathmatch levels from Skulltag because I really enjoyed the speedy high quality OpenGL rendering of JDoom/Doomsday that worked well on my Voodoo 5 card. I was hoping that having some really good deathmatch levels for it would make Jdoom more popular and encourage things to get fixed and improve. Since then Jdoom has fallen by the wayside and Skulltag has added OpenGL rendering (although not quite as speedy as JDoom).

This page contains some old information about running Skullday on Jdoom.

Skullday.zip (1.4 megs)  Readme Screen Shots

This WAD was designed for and tested with Doomsday 1.9.0 beta 3. 1.8.x and 1.9.0 beta 4 appear to work also, but I have not tested those as much. Personally I find beta 3 more stable, especially as a server. Beta 4 was released in the middle of a network protocol change and is not fully network compatible with other versions or even itself (You may get "unknown delta" error messages).

Doomsday 1.9.0 Beta 3 (Win32)

jDoom 1.8 and later all have a bug that typically prevents more than two users from connecting (one on a dedicated server!) This slight modification of the doomsday 1.9b3 executable might let more than two users connect. Seems to work on LANs but not over the internet.

ddayb3sv.zip (441 k)

For the PPC Mac, here is a slightly modified version of the Mac version of doomsday 1.9 beta 3 that can actually connect to a network game as well as host, and dosn't crash on skullday.wad either. Like the origional it is a PPC-only binary.

doomsday19b3plus.zip (7.5 megs)

I also highly recommend the use of the jDoom Resource Pack - this replaces all sprites with excellent 3d models.

Make sure you are using the WAD file from Doom 2 release 1.9. This should be 14,604,584 bytes long and have a file date of February 1, 1995. If you have an older version you can apply the 1.9 updates 1.666 to 1.7a Update
and the 1.7a to 1.9 Update

Because of the way jDoom's networking works you must have port 13209 open for outgoing AND incoming TCP and UDP traffic. If you are using a NAT firewall you must tell it to forward the port to your computer's IP address (if your computer is using DHPC you may need to occasionally double check that your IP and the forwarding setting matches)

If you click "connect" and jDoom appears to freeze, just wait a minute. It's busy trying to connect and won't let you do anything else until it times out. Either the server you tried is down or someone forgot to configure their firewall.

If you want to connect to a dedicated server on your local area network from another instance of jDoom, do not connect via the DoomsdayHQ screen (this uses your public internet IP address), rather use a "custom search" and specify the local IP address of your server.

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