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My TI-99/4A screen shots

These are some pictures I made on my TI-99/4a and converted to png format using MESS. (Many thanks to the MESS guys for getting the 360k support in there, especially since all of my disks were 360k created with the CorpComp disk controller!)

Many of these were started in Draw and Plot, which was 2-color only, and finished in TI-artist which allowed 16 colors.

First, a couple of images that I believe I made using the Super Sketch graphics tablet. That thing was a piece of crap. It would only save to cassette tape even if you had a floppy drive! I somehow converted these from tape to a TI-Artist disk file.

Space scene
A spacy scene created using elements copied from existing graphics.

Texas Instruments Home Computer
My TI-99/4a

Space Havoc
I had this crazy idea about a story called "Space Havoc".

The space ship Havoc!

Havoc BridgeSurvey 5 Bridge
The bridge of the space ship Havoc. Also the bridge of the space ship Survey-5.

City Scape
A bizarre cityscape. If I recall this was created by loading a program in as an image and then editing it a bit.

4th of July
A happy 4th of july!

Shuttle going BerzerkShuttle BerzerkSpace Shuttle
A space shuttle going berserk. Also an older b&w version. And another version.

Have a rotten day!Have a rotten day!
I believe I was not having a good day.

Space ShipPencil
A couple of colored in graphics from Draw and Plot.

Space CarCarCar going of cliff
Variations on a car graphic from Draw and Plot.

Car Room
Another edited draw and plot graphic. If I recall this car wasn't supposed to be in this image.

Colorizaion and doodles on another Draw and Plot image.

Some jerk
Fortunately this guy is not such a pain in my ass any more.

Grade Book
A mock up grade book graphic.

Zoom cityStar Trek
A zoom in on one of the cities in the TI-Artist startup screen. Also a Star Trek image that I think I imported from some other system.

Merry X-MasX-Mas2
A couple of slightly modified Draw and Plot X-mas graphics.

Rewind TransformerMarvin, the paranoid androidMe
Some robots. "Rewind", a Transformer, Marvin the Paranoid Android from the TV version of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and some made up Transformer. The disk the picture of Marvin was on had a defect.

ArtMore ArtColor Art
Some program generated art.

More program generated art.

Home Sweet Home
Some text-based program generated art.

TI-ArtistFake screen
The TI-Artist boot screen and my crapy hack job of it. There never actually was any copy prevention on this software, I was just playing around. And I never gave people copies. It is a good thing there was never any copy prevention as I can now run it in MESS.

TI-Artist main menuDraw n' Plot
TI artist main menu, and another draw and plot image.

Music Maker
Just a screen shot displaying a Music Maker file I wrote to show how old this was.

A couple more miscellaneous pictures.

4th BWMissle
Another happy 4th of July. Oh, no! What's this? It's a missile and it's commin' right for us!


I miss the days when all drawing programs were simple and not so Photo Shop like.

Hitchhikers GuidePlanetfall
Oh, I just had to throw these in. The TI-99/4A version of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Planetfall. Not much to look at, but truckloads of fun.

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