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Apple II pictures

I'm not sure what program I used to grab these Apple II double high resolution pictures, as I made these a long time ago. They look a little odd, I am not sure off hand if it was a side effect of the way Apples made their graphics or if the conversion program was junk.

A butterfly graphic from Dazzle Draw.

Another sample graphic from Dazzle Draw.

Not sure where this graphic was from originally.

A bar graph showing the earnings of Beeblebrox Enterprises.

Some kind of pattern test.

A screen grab of the Apple II desktop on an Apple II with a hard drive.

A Screen grab on an Apple II with a couple of 800k 3.5" disks.

Another screen grab of the Apple II desktop.

A screen grab from an intro to the Apple II GS demo disk.

The boot screen from Dazzle Draw.

The boot screen from Animate.

Some kind of pattern image displaying in Dazzle Draw.

An edited Dazzle Draw screen, this time captured without color.

I vaguely recall hacking together some program to import images from my TI-99/4A. This obviously has been.

A color version of the above.

A color pallet?

Nuke city!

This one was certainly imported from a TI-99/4A image from Draw n' Plot.

Another imported image I guess.

The Print Shop, Kracked by Mr. Krac-Man. The one piece of pirated software everybody absolutely had to have back in the Apple II days.

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